North Cheshire Challenges 2013

President of L&CPU Henry Mullarkey opening the Exhibition

Henry Mullarkey presenting Alan Adshead Trophy to
Wigan 10 Foto Club (David Butler)

Christine Widdall presenting prize for winning print
“Evacuee Triplets” to KT Allen of Wigan 10 Foto Club

Tony Dudley (right) presents the
North Cheshire Challenge Trophy to
Wigan 10 Foto Club (John Jerstice)

Photographs supplied by Jon Allanson

13 February - Alan Adshead Trophy
(digital prints competition)

Judge: Christine Widdall MPAGB EFIAP

Results: 2013 Digital Prints Competition for the
Alan Adshead Memorial Trophy

Winning club: Wigan 10 Foto Club

Best print: "Evacuee Triplets" by KT Allen of Wigan 10 Foto Club

14 February - North Cheshire Challenge Trophy (projected digital images KO)

Judge: Tony Dudley

Results: 2013 Exhibition: North Cheshire Challenge Trophy
(projected digital images knock-out)

Winning club: Wigan 10 Foto Club

Best image: “Little Owl Running” by Austin Thomas of Wigan 10 Foto Club

Report by Bill Chadband

Thanks to another great team effort the 2013 Annual Exhibition was again successful.

Wednesday was a bad weather day for the east of the country; particularly the Pennines. By 5.00pm on that day it became apparent that Print Competition judge, Keith Brown, was not going to make it. We told Keith not to worry and Tony had the brainwave of asking Chris Widdall if she was available and willing. She was, and a little over two hours later Christine and husband John arrived at the hall. Sheffield PS was the only club unable to get their prints to us so the competition became a 16 Club event. Christine’s judging was as sharp as ever and not unexpectedly Wigan 10 again came out the winners with 95 points. Chorley PS were a close second with 92 points whilst Leek PS, Chapel PS and North Cheshire PS tied for third place with 87 points.

Thursday was a much better day weather-wise and apart from the heavy traffic, judge Tony Dudley had no great difficulty in getting to us. Tony is a well known and well liked judge and though he had 135 images from 27 clubs to deal with in the Digitally Projected Image knock-out competition, he completed his task on time and with humour. Wigan 10 came top with 24 points. Warrington PS were second with 20 points and North Cheshire PS third with 17 points.

A feature of our Annual Exhibitions is the great Raffle which has become an event in itself during the second half of the interval of each competition. Members again did themselves proud by providing over 60 raffle prizes. With so many prizes on view the audience is persuaded to buy a ticket strip with such phrases as “Almost everyone a winner” ringing in their ears. On a serious note the Hall is expensive to hire and we need all the income we can get to offset the hire costs. The Raffle makes a large contribution towards offsetting these costs.

Though the bad weather reduced numbers a little on the Wednesday we had a full house on the Thursday.