Winning images in the 2012 North Cheshire Challenges

These are published with permission from the clubs concerned.

Alan Adshead Trophy (digital prints competition)

Best Print: Maurice Jones - Try Time

Wigan 10's winning club entry

Roy Rimmer -
Charging Dogs
Gwen Charnock -
Beach Walk
Maurice Jones -
Try Time
Kathryn Scorah -
Final Resting Place
Dave Butler -

Chorley PS's runner-up club entry

Dianne Owen -
Sleepy Owl
Geoff Walsh -
Royal Terns
Jane M Lines -
Local Hero
Alan Eastham -
Noel Morgan -
Victoria Baths

North Cheshire Challenge Trophy (PDI Knock Out)

Best PDI: Chris Ellison - Class 3

Leek PC's joint winning club entry

Paul Matthews -
Male Kingfisher
Cliff Beardmore -
Great Crested Newt Tadpole Approaching Water Flea
Sonja Haigh -
Morning BathTime
Don Barker -
Three Roses
Brian Ross -

Wigan 10's joint winning club entry

Roy Rimmer -
Common Wasp with Hoverfly
Phil Charnock -
The Defenders
Kathryn Scorah -
Words Unspoken
Austin Thomas -
Puffin in the Rain
Ed Roper -
Ashley Helsby