North Cheshire Challenges 2010

L&CPU President Norman Thompson with our President Roger Dye

Norman Thompson presenting the Alan Adshead Trophy
(interclub digital print competition)
to Kathryn Scorah on behalf of Wigan 10

Judge John Cartlidge presenting interclub "Best Print" to Gwen Charnock

Judge Tony Dudley presenting the North Cheshire Challenge Trophy
(interclub projected image knock-out)
to Kathryn Scorah on behalf of Wigan 10

Photos supplied by Jon Allanson

10 February - Alan Adshead Trophy
(digital prints competition)

Judge: John Cartlidge

Results: 2010 Digital Prints Competition for the Alan Adshead Memorial Trophy

Winning club: Wigan 10

Best print: "Windswept" by Gwen Charnock of Wigan 10

11 February - North Cheshire Challenge Trophy (projected digital images KO)

Judge: Tony Dudley

Results: 2010 Projected Digital Images Knock-Out for the North Cheshire Challenge Trophy

Winning club: Wigan 10

Best image: "The Dying of the Light" by our own Ian Bramham - see below!

Report from Bill Chadband

Another annual exhibition has come and gone, and again we can claim considerable success. Both of our inter-club judges, John Cartlidge on the Wednesday and Tony Dudley on the Thursday, were impressed with the attendance and the general running of the two competitions (now known as the "North Cheshire Challenges"); as was Norman Thompson the L&CPU President who formally opened the exhibition.

We had 24 competing clubs on the Wednesday and 27 on the Thursday. Unsurprisingly Wigan 10 won both club competitions and the prize of £25 for the best individual print. We were pleased that Ian Bramham of NCPS won the individual prize for the best projected digital image on the Thursday.

Our internal competition judge, Tony Pioli came with his wife Pat on the Thursday, and joined us on the Sunday for our post–exhibition lunch at the Beijing Restaurant.

The Friday “Music night” featured Offerton Methodist Choir for the first half of the evening and Werneth Swing Band for the second half. Both were well received by the audience, many of whom were attracted by the combination Music and Pictures.

Attendances on the first two nights approached our expectations of a full house, with discerning photographers from most participating clubs realizing these were unmissable events. The size of the Friday audience was about the same as last year.

The organisation and running of the Exhibition is a collective club affair. It works so well because many individuals undertake specific duties and the general membership joins in whenever it can. It would be invidious to start naming club individuals who have undertaken specific duties or to try and name the helpers who assisted them in their tasks. A large proportion of the club participated in some way or another. However we should again thank Peter Redford who comes each year with his equipment and computer skills to assist in making our event the envy of many, and Sheila Edwards, a past member of the club, who helps us take the door money and sell raffle tickets.

We continued to have two classes, namely Natural History and Open, leaving our judge to give awards for Best in the various categories (Pictorial, PhotoJournalism etc). This approach seems to work well. We restricted our print entry to six and this year on our 18 stands we were able to show all but two of our print entries. Tony Pioli completed his judging in a week, allowing us to consider (at Hawk Green Reading Room) the layout of the prints, and hence the assembly of the catalogue, a week earlier.

The setting-up of the Exhibition at mid-day on Wednesday, and the subsequent dismantling on the Saturday morning went smoothly, aided by the chocolate goodies freely provided by Barry, and the tea/coffee brewed by Penny. John Ranson who visited from Ruthin Camera Club was again impressed that members came and worked efficiently without direction. We retained the same ticket prices as last year, and preliminary results suggest that the books will at least balance.