Annual Exhibition 2006

L&CPU President David Marsh

Richard Scaife received the Alan Adshead trophy
on behalf of NCPS.

Leek C.C. accepted the winner’s
North Cheshire Challenge Trophy

The Exhibition took place over the period 8th to 10th February. It was formally opened by L&CPU President David Marsh who then presented the club competition awards. These are listed below:

Best Pictorial Print (Charles Bowker Trophy) - “Bluebells” by Dorothy Redford

Best Monochrome Print (Bernard Sellers Trophy) - “Goan Fisherman, Vinayak” by Gorden Robson

Best Portrait Print (Joyce Whitehead Cup) - “The Guardian” by Geoff Robinson

Best Record Print (The Presidents Trophy) - “Chatsworth Exhibit” by Tony Redford

Best Natural History Print (Nature Cup) - “Snowy Egret” by Tony Redford

Best Photojournalism Print (The Fallows Cup) - “Viewing Modern Art” by Dorothy Redford

Best Creative Print (Certificate) - “Framed” by Dorothy Redford

Best Colour Print (Certificate) - “Bluebells” by Dorothy Redford

Best Beginner/Intermediate Print (Plaque) - “Anna” by Tony Rosevere

Best Print in the Exhibition (The Founding Committee Cup) - “Bluebells” by Dorothy Redford

Best Pictorial Slide (Joan Allen Cup) - “Opposing Petals” by David Akers

Best Portrait Slide (Stanley Cooper Memorial Trophy ) - “Indian Man” by Brian Turnbull

Best Record Slide (“21” Trophy (1952 –1973) - “Cubicle 51 - Victoria Baths” by Jon Allanson

Best Natural History Slide (Natural History Cup) - “Wild Buzzard” by Phil Riley

Best Photojournalism Slide (The 80`s Cup) - “Solidarity and a Cat” by Brian Turnbull

Best Slide in the Exhibition (Cedric Hepple Memorial Trophy) - “Opposing Petals” by David Akers

Best Performance in the Exhibition (The Prism Trophy) - Geoff Robinson

Digital Print Competition

Club President Richard Scaife welcomed Mr Barry Colquhoun as our judge for the inter-club Digital Print competition. Twenty three clubs had entered the Competition. Barry commented on the high standard. He dealt with the first two prints from each club before the interval. Click here for full results....

Richard Scaife received the Alan Adshead trophy on behalf of NCPS. The best print "At the Seaside" by Libby Smith from Carluke CC won a £15 Jessops Token.

Peter and Tony Redford have developed a superb system whereby each print on the light stand is also projected on the large screen for everyone to see. Thumbnails of the prints are presented, along with the accumulated scores, so that all can see the progress of the various clubs.

North Cheshire Challenge Trophy

On the 2nd night Mr Peter Gennard (from the Midland Counties Federation) was the judge for the inter-club slide knockout competition. Slides accumulate points according to how many rounds the slides remain in contention.

Leek C.C. accepted the winner’s North Cheshire Challenge. The Best Slide, entitled "View from Lochan Nah Achaise" by Derrick Holmes of Chapel CC, won a £15 Jessops token. Click here for full results....

A Portrait of the Peak District

On the Friday evening Tony Pioli presented his show entitled "A Portrait of the Peak District" to a large appreciative audience. Having outlined on a map the course of his proposed journeys Tony discussed the topology, the flora and the fauna in considerable detail as he travelled, photographically, throughout the area.

For the third night running members were generous with their gifts to the raffle, so that there was a handsome display on hand to tempt the incoming audience. This year the prices were increased a little so that refreshments could be included in the entrance fee.

Behing the Scenes

The number of members exhibiting rose to thirty this year from the twenty of the previous exhibition. We had 196 prints offered but were only able to hang 144. All were judged and all members were fairly represented in the exhibition.

Members arrived at 9.30a.m.. on the Saturday morning to dismantle the exhibition. All prints receiving an award had a card recording the award pasted to the back. These prints were retained for consideration re forth-coming inter-club battles. The slides were retained to allow judge Tillman Kleinhans to make his comments on Tuesday 14th February.

On Sunday 12th February 32 members and partners assembled for a post-exhibition meal at the Restaurant Woodheys, located on the Marple to Glossop road. This was a boisterous occasion as we were fitted snugly into our own room.. The carvery meal was up to expectations, and in a brief speech at the end the Exhibition Co-ordinator expressed his satisfaction at the smooth running of the Exhibition. He thanked Jonathan Bawden for organising the meal, to spontaneous applause from the assembly. Indeed the Exhibition Organisation had been a great team effort.

Gordon Robson had secured the services of the three judges, and continued his input at all stages of the process. Roger Dye had handled all correspondence with the visiting competing clubs, receiving the entries from those clubs unable to be present on the night. Frank Hutchinson had managed the Publicity. Sandra Brown had overseen the refreshments on the three nights, aided by Tony Rosevere. Tony & Peter Redford had assembled their team of helpers to handle the running of the two competitions. Brian Bower brought his Leica Projector and stayed to work it for the inter-club slide competition. John Ade had tested the lights to ensure a faultless start. Alan Bromage assembled the back projector and Peter Redford set up the ancillary screen and computer so that the title and author of each slide projected was acknowledged. Bill Chadband had written the requisite letters, and produced the exhibition catalogue. Bill, Gordon and Colin Pickles had secured our sponsorships. Bill, Gordon and Geoff Robinson had spent a day planning the layout of the prints on the stands. Treasurer Geoff Robinson had undertaken a variety of tasks besides handling the money and floats and paying the expenses. Joyce Robson had been supported on the door by Fred and Sheila Edwards. A majority of the club’ members had contributed raffle prizes, Though they are not all named above, the exhibition co-ordinator is grateful to all members who helped to put on the exhibition, not least by providing the exhibits.

As some perverted wag put it – it is not the winning that counts, but the taking part! No doubt, given time, we will be able to change this member’s attitude!

Bill Chadband