The Committee meeting held Wed 22nd October 2003

“Do we continue to support Poynton Show”? was the first consideration of the meeting, held at our President’s home – The Laurels.

In the past our contribution, as official photographers to the Show, has only been considered after our session has ended and this has caused difficulty in trying to make arrangements. The Show organisers require photographic records of the event, its prize-winners, and general events for their records and for possible publicity purposes. In return NCPS can expect publicity for the club from an event which attracts large crowds. The Show pays for the film and all developing/printing costs. Additionally our participants get free entry, a free Breakfast and free Lunch. NCPS has also sold a few enprints of the previous show to interested parties. NCPS has always taken a stand in the Creative Arts tent to show its wares and to encourage membership of the Club.

The Show has separately run a photographic competition, organised a judge (Jon Allanson), and given prizes. These prizes have been donated by NCPS in the form of £20 cash (to be distributed amongst several prize-winners) and a year’s free membership of NCPS to the overall winner.

But on August Bank Holiday Saturday many members who might otherwise help are away doing other things so that the burden of the day tends to fall on the same few shoulders. After a general discussion, with Jill present to give us the facts about the show, it was agreed that NCPS would like to continue with its support. But we must appoint a co-ordinator who would attend the Show organisation meetings (once a month?) and must secure a cohort of members who can agree, well before our session ends, to be at the show. Our first priority is to take the pictures. If man-power permits we can man a stand of our own. If we have a stand we must ask for sufficient space to put on our show. We have shown prints in the past, plus en-prints for sale (from last year’s show). It would be more eye-catching to have a continuous “slide-show”. If we had an electronic projector we could have several “shows” available on CD, though we would need to ensure security by having club members present at all times.

Joyce and Estelle reported on their researches re acquiring such an electronic Projector. Estelle produced a wad of information on these machines. It was agreed that we should make an application under the “Awards for All” scheme. Minimum requirements were a projector; an associated lap-top to control it, and a club copy of PhotoShop . We would use this system to put on courses (over Autumn and Spring terms) for newcomers to Digital photography, the use of computers in digital photography, and the use of Photo-shop in producing and improving images. The Club had a lot of in-house experience in this. Two scenarios then presented themselves: Either a large audience would attend a series of presentations, with back-up notes, or a small group would receive the same presentation with the chance of guided hands-on experience. The projected image would allow all present to participate in this process. The Artistic and Creative aspects of Digital photography were a great draw to young people and the offer of cheap local courses should also boost club membership. The first task would be to draw up a suitable syllabus.

Members could produce presentations on their own computer (using Pictures-To-Exe?); store them to disc, and then run them on the club’s system. It was envisaged that we could take such presentations to clubs or schools as required. Brian noted that Disley Grange retirement home was pleased to receive offers of such presentations, and he thought more liaison with local Art Groups was possible.

Alan Adshead a former member of NCPS, had died tragically in a climbing accident two years ago. His daughter Jill had approached the club with the idea of remembering her father through a Club Trophy. Colin had worked with Alan at Ilford and noted that Alan was a great “outdoors man”. His more recent work at Ilford’s had been related to producing paper for Digital Prints. Two possibilities presented themselves to the committee. One was that a fine trophy was required for the digital print competition at the Annual Exhibition.

The other was that an internal competition with the subject of Outdoor Life, or the Great Outdoors, could be instigated, to be judged in-house in a manner similar to our Rosalind Bramley monochrome competition. The President would discuss these ideas further with Jill.

Gordon reported that he had secured the services of Andy Harmar for our Annual Exhibition Friday night presentation on 6th February 2004,

Colin noted that the menu for the Christmas Dinner would shortly be available. Those attending would be asked to chose from the options available.

Jon Dixon commented upon the great number of competitions, all happening within a few weeks, and which we had agreed to support. Sending our images to one competition meant they were not available for the following one. It was agreed that external competitions should be accepted, or otherwise, only by the Competitions Sec, after liaison with the Selection committee chairman.

Richard Scaife sought member’s views on the type of programme they wished for next session. Was the present balance acceptable? Did the club want more or fewer themed evenings? When we advertized a themed evening as a club competition should we set up an appropriate judging mechanism in advance. The virtue of Smarties vs Counters was discussed at great length but no conclusion reached!!!

Bill Chadband