From the President's Office

Tempus Fugit's, as they say. It doesn't seem long since I stood before you as your new president asking you to participate in club activities in general, and in creating images in particular. I have been amply rewarded by the way in which you have all participated in club competitions, supported the battles, and generally supported the club's programme of events.

I am most grateful to the committee all of whom have put a tremendous effort into facilitating the continuing activities of the Society. Perhaps the down-side this year has been the small attendance at some of the meetings, and the lack of a sizeable entry into the L&CPU competition (though this latter was probably an organisational problem).

I am pleased to announce that Frank Hutchinson has accepted my invitation to be our President for the next Session, and I am sure that you will give him your full support.

The AGM is to be held on May 23rd and we will be looking for willing volunteers to fill some of the places on the committee. If you feel able to do a job, find a proposer and seconder and put your name forward.

I end on a sad note, reporting the death of Alan Adshead in a climbing accident at Easter. We knew Alan, in the Society, as a keen and dedicated photographer, though he was not able to attend meetings as often as he wished. As an enthusiast he had the ability to enthuse those around him. I remember with gratitude his participation, as one of the "Ilford Three" in my President's evening; and his "Evening of Mystery" earlier this year. Gerald and I were able to represent the Society at the funeral.

Colin Pickles